Posted on: September 14, 2008 7:20 pm

Jags week two.

UGH..Another loss for the Jaguars...This time to the Bills.This time our problem was the defense.
The defense could NOT get the stop we needed...We had the lead 16-10 and then gave up a Touchdown with 4:21 left to play...Then later gave up a field goal, making it 20-16, and a field goal for the Jaguars would not have won the game.No Matter what..Next week is a must win...We are really struggling right now..Lets get out of it!
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Posted on: September 7, 2008 7:59 pm

Jags week one.

    This was an Embarrasing loss..All around..David Garrard had a bad day.  We couldn't run the ball for our lives...

I'll start with the offense.

    David Garrard had a bad day.  He threw just 3 interceptions all year last year...He already has two..He did go 23-25 for 215 yards an 1TD but we need a better performance out of him next time out.
    The Running was absolutely awful...We have one of the best running back crews in the league...Yet they could only run for 31 yards on a lowly 14 carries...That's awful..
    The offensive line was the worst of all...David Garrard got sacked 7 times..It could have been more to!   David Garrard was running for his life all day long.This has to improve or look for a long season.

Next the defense...They did a nice job today..They only gave up 17 points today..I would have liked only giving up 10 or less though..But overall nice job.

Special Teams
    This was a nice surprise for us today..We had nice field position all day..If the special teams can keep this up...The offense will come around..

Disappointing loss...Especially to a division rival like the Titans..We have to come back and get a win against the Bills next week
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